Service Appointment Request

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  1. AGREEMENT: All parties agree to the Terms of Service outlined herein. 
  2. ESTIMATES: Verbal estimates are not guaranteed (a).
  3. PAYMENT: Payment shall be considered due at time of invoicing (b)
  4. PICKUP: Vehicles not picked up within seven (7) business days of invoicing may be subject to a storage fee of $15 per day, up to ninety (90) days.
  5. LATE or NON-PAYMENT: Payment shall be considered late fourteen (14) days after invoicing. Late payments are subject to a 15% late charge. Late charges will be applied every 30 days an invoice remains unpaid.
  6. ABANDONMENT: Unpaid invoices and/or unclaimed vehicles or property shall be considered abandoned after ninety (90) days and subject to mechanics lien or sale without notice.


Limitation of Liability: 

Flying Tiger Motorcycles LLC make no express implied warranties (including limitation, any warranty or merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or use) regarding service provided. Information, motorcycles, parts, service and applications are provided to customers "as-is". Flying Tiger Motorcycles LLC will not be liable to any customer or anyone else for any interruption, inaccuracy, error or omission, regardless of cause.  


Right to Refuse Service:

  1. Flying Tiger Motorcycles LLC recognizes that all customers reserve the right to a fair and reasonable expectation of service.
  2. Flying Tiger Motorcycles LLC reserves all exclusive rights and shall refuse service of any motorcycle, scooter, or similar vehicle, for reasons including bu not limited to: insufficient mechanical integrity due to age, neglect, damage, prior repair, modification, or potential for bodily harm or injury, and may terminate any contracts or agreements without notice.
  3. Flying Tiger Motorcycles LLC reserves all exclusive rights and shall refuse service to any customer, or their representatives, for reasons including but not limited to: libel or slander of Flying Tiger Motorcycles LLC or of any of its affiliates; abusive or malicious conduct, threats of violence or retaliation, violent or retaliatory acts, theft, non-payment, or any similarly known behavior prior to rendering services, and may terminate any contracts or agreements without notice.



(a): Any price named in the estimate is an approximation of the project requirements as described by the client. The actual cost may change after all of the project elements have been negotiated and finalized. The client will be informed of any changes in cost in advance. Any requested changes may lead to additional charges, which the client agrees to pay when requesting and approving them.
(b): The remaining balance is due within 14 business days of the final invoice date, which will be provided to the client within 7 days after the project has been completed.