2 Stroke Smoke Candle
2 Stroke Smoke Candle
2 Stroke Smoke Candle
2 Stroke Smoke Candle

2 Stroke Smoke Candle

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You're about to be World Famous...

Original, World Famous 2-Stroke Smoke Scented MotoCandle 

Racers, start your engines! Impress your friends with the Flying Tiger original - 2 Stroke Smoke Candle. Every candle is made with live 2-stroke racing oil boosted with high-octane fragrance, giving you enough BRAP for the holeshot! This motocandle candle is designed to deliver that familiar scent of 2-stroke exhaust in such a way that house guests won't think you moonlight as a moto mechanic in your living room.



★ 16 oz Metal "Oil Can" Container and Emblem Lid
★ Height: 4" (101mm)
★ Diameter: 3.75" (95mm)
★ Product Weight: 16oz
★ Hand-made
★ Gifts from him, her, or anyone
★ All-natural soy wax
★ 2 layer wooden wick design


Please note: This item is made with a blend of Klotz R-50 race oil and natural fragrances. Our two-stroke candle is meant to be a nostalgic, reminiscent experience, and still remain nontoxic, while achieving as close as possible without burning raw oil and fuel inside your home. Each candle is made to exact specifications, with a pre-determined oil-to-fragrance ratio to ensure a proper burn without filling your home with toxic smoke. Please keep an open mind, consider the elements involved, and enjoy the fragrance.

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