We've Moved or The Shop Next-door.

2019/2020 greatly changed the way we as a society conduct business. In-store purchasing has shifted to online, motorcycle and scooter sales have shifted to factory pre-orders, and repairs are now primarily appointment-based. As the world continues to adapt and adjust to these changes we too have made adjustments to our business model.
We were recently made aware of the potential sale of the property, prompting a conversation in regards to our direction and goals as a company. In November we made the decision to permanently close the showroom at 7233 Manchester Rd based on the lessened need for a large amount of square footage. We feel the benefits of this decision will help us reduce unnecessary overhead and utility costs, and allow us to shift our onsite focus from a retail sales environment to a more service-based one.
As of December 1st, we have transitioned the showroom to our primary address of 7231 Manchester Rd where we will continue to serve the moto community here in St. Louis and well beyond. Just look for the big orange sign!
We thank you for your continued dedication to our business success and to help grow our brand.