Motoman Oil & Leather Scented Candle
Motoman Oil & Leather Scented Candle

Motoman Oil & Leather Scented Candle

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Don't let the name fool you, this Moto candle is for the MotoEVERYONE. Our team of scientific researchers developed this soy-blended moto-inspired candle by following the spirit of our passion. Represent your passion for riding by filling your favorite room with the subtle, rugged fragrance of well-tooled leather and warm oil. Top it off with the gentle crackle of our patented wood wick design and it's sure to be a crowd-pleaser. 

It's like showing off your bike in your living room but using less parking space.



★ 16 oz Metal "Oil Can" Container and Emblem Lid
★ Height: 4" (101mm)
★ Diameter: 3.75" (95mm)
★ Product Weight: 16oz
★ Hand-made
★ Gifts from him, her, or anyone
★ All-natural soy wax
★ 2 layer wooden wick design


Please note: Each candle is made to exact specifications, with a pre-determined fragrance ratio to ensure a proper burn. While we strive for consistency we realize that everyone experiences scents and fragrances differently, thus each experience becomes unique to the user.  

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